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Discussion in 'Advice Board' started by swells1, May 24, 2010.

  1. swells1

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    Basically I live in a really crap family. My mum is a single parent, I work really hard in school, get A/A* all round, but my brother does nothing and has allergies. He shouts at my mum and my mum still loves him a lot more than me or the rest. Im 15 and hes 12. Plus i live "with" another family who is rich and the comparison of mine to his family (cousin my age) is the complete opposite. He has a great life with all the riches with fancy cars but we have literally nothing, but then having to go there like 3 times a week annoys me more.

    Life seems to be really cruel. How do you guys deal with depression? I joined MMA recently and fight to get my anger out, but im not one of those hard aggressive people (unless im fightin of course), im quite nice compared to the other vain 15 year olds i see.

  2. English-Emo-Boy

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    Sounds like you're a bit fed up.

    Have you spoken to any close friends or other family members about your concerns and how you feel?

    How do I deal with depression?

    Usually quite badly, I end up drinking heavily and soaking in self pity. After that I look to friends to help me through, I've always been lucky and I have some great people around me. I'm not a particularly stable person so it's good to have people who know you and understand you.
  3. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    I find someone who's life seems even more pathetic than mine, buy some pocorn and spend the day pointing, laughing and eating my popcorn. Never fails to make me feel better.:stare:

    Actually, I talk to my best friend when things are really starting to get to me. Having someone to talk to is huge.

    Also, stop comparing your life to others. Find things about yourself that make you happy.
  4. Spammaster

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    Well sounds like things suck a bit for you. Try talking to someone, that helps SO MUCH.

    Well I myself do not deal with depression well :p
    Over the past few years I've stopped any emotion from surfacing, because how my father reacts to any emotion - by laughing at me or beating the shit out of me. Hence, I've tried to hide my feelings and therefore they manifested themselves in panic attacks and sudden rage. I talk to myself all the time, yelling at myself when I do something wrong, punishing myself, hitting me head of walls stapling my hands, putting pins in my hands, biting of the flesh of my knuckles.
    I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I kept getting sick and the drugs I took didn't help either.
    One day I had a really bad attack on drugs and my Mum found me lying on the floor, begging someone to take me to hospital. After that, I told her everything and she sent me to a counsellor. The counsellor helped and got me out of my shell, making me comfortable with talking to others about how I feel.
    Most of that is gone now, apart from the occasional anger and scolding myself.

    Having someone to talk to is amazing, especially a counsellor or a trusted friend or family member.
    You should really talk to someone, or ask to go see a counsellor. Good luck with things :)
  5. Disease

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    Well, Everyone experiences depression differently. I've felt depression many times, especially during my high school years. I didn't fit in, it really bothered me. I have had multiple thoughts about suiciding. But one thing that kept me going was the fact that i know i'm not weak. And you can't be weak either. Depression comes from the mind, and it only affects you as much as you want it to. I've come to my senses and realized that my life wasn't crappy at all, it was me who made my life seem so depressing. I may have not fit in for the rest of the time but i changed my attitude towards it. I didn't let it bother me. Don't let anything or anyone slow you down. Just remember that you're in charge of your life and always keep your head up high even in the darkest moments.

    It may be raining today, but the sun will come out.
  6. storm_ina_C_cup

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    It's good that you found a healthy outlet to take out your anger and frustrations...(MMA).
    ...I would also suggest (like other posters) to find someone to talk to, whether professional or a good friend / family member you trust and can confide in.

    Also, I agree with AngelsPeak; stop comparing your life to others (what they have / what you don't have, etc.) and just live it!

    Good luck to you.
  7. OpenMind

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    Joining a martial arts sport is a great way to release frustration and anger. I congratulate you on taking that idea/path.

    But still, I'm sure the feelings come right back when not punching the sandbag. Thing is, I see great potential in you. See, I've only read your post, and from that only I can tell you have a lot of potential. You're telling us you got excellent grades and seem to be skilled in what seems to be a sport you've taken an interest in.

    What's not to love? What have you got to envy?

    A mother loves her children equally. Whether she shows it or not, or pays more attention to your little brother, she loves you the same. Also, I wouldn't envy or get mad when seeing how your cousin has all this stuff and you don't. I would look at it the other way, remember there's two sides to every coin, which is that you don't need all the stuff he has in order to be happy or to enjoy what you got.

    You're smart, skilled and probably are ambitious (which is good when not taken to an extreme). I wouldn't worry about these things. You are 15 years old. Life hasn't really even started for you. You got A LOT coming to you, you'll see. There is SO MUCH MORE out there than cars and riches.

    Just try and take a chill-pill, keep up the AWESOME work in school and kick ass in MMA. Don't be afraid of getting hurt. If you do or get pinned down: relax, focus, take a good look around, explore your options, and do the best you can to get back on your feet.
  8. rainbow5555

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    I recommend that you just chill out a little bit and have some good times with your friends, and also mention your problems to your mother, regardless of wether you think she will be happy to hear it or not, You have to get it off your chest.

    I deal with depresion by starting fights (physical and verbal) butthe verbal ones are the worst as they hurt everyone. I also do excessive amounts of excercise, which seems to do wonders for me.
  9. georgcarlin

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    It's acceptable that you begin a advantageous aperture to yield out your acrimony and frustrations...(MMA).
    ...I would aswell advance (like added posters) to acquisition anyone to allocution to, whether able or a acceptable acquaintance / ancestors affiliate you assurance and can admit in.
    Also, I accede with AngelsPeak; stop comparing your activity to others (what they accept / what you don't have, etc.) and just reside it!
  10. Danno

    Danno Registered Member

    You sound a little like me my friend.

    I am currently off work with depression for 5 weeks, going back on Monday.
    I find listening to music helps alot. Talking to people, getting it off your chest.

    To be depressed at 15 is quite rare. Get yourself to the doctors and tell them how you are feeling, spill it all out to them, they will listen and it will make you feel better.

    Good Luck

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