Life Change.

ok, so im a really complex person, I have had A LOT of things happen to me, and this year has been the craziest year of my life
i went from being so against drinking and smoking and parties, to now.

In 2007 I flew out of a car, and hit the road head first at over 175 mph. I have a traumatic brain injury, and now I party and smoke hookah and drink beers. a part of my brain has atrophied (shrunk) and drinking, I just found out, can really harm me since I have my injury.

I want to be something big in life. I have 4 years of college payed off 100%, I want to do some big things in my life, but I need to clean my act up and grow up.

I just want to be a better person, and if anyone has been to college, and graduated, im just looking for some pointers and advice on how I should live my life to ensure success.

I would appreciate it, thanks


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Well I haven't been to uni so I don't know if you want my advice or not, but I'm going to give it anyway. Sounds like all you need to do is set your priorities straight. It seems at the moment you're more interested in partying, then you are in studying, and that will be what's holding you back. Once you find a balance between the two, then you should be able to succeed.
You'll succeed with hard work, determination and opportunities. Find a job in the meantime to give that boost in confidence. Leave the drinking, there will enough time for time that later.
I think you've answered your own question. You know you want to quit drinking, so quit. If you can't do this alone, find out where the meetings are.
You say you want to do "big things" in life; you need to narrow that down. Identify what you want to do - what your interests are and where your talents are.
Good luck to you!