Life as you know it will end in 1 hour no matter what...


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What would you do?

I'd run around screaming for about 10 minutes then do and say everything I never could do normally. Then towards the end I'd knock myself out with drugs or something so I won't feel whatever going to kill me.


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I would get into fights, pull a squirt gun on a bunch of cops, smoke a carton of cigs infront of my parents, and to top it all off, set my computer on fire so no one knows what I did on it after i die.


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Go to sleep? Fuck no, I'd go after a bear. I'd go nineteen on someone's ass, yo. I'd make someone do the Jay and Silent Bob rap for my amusement. There would be no lying down and dying for me.
I'd rape a hot girl and then steal some money then go give it to my friends or poor people then go in a store and just walk out without paying and do a bunch of other shit. i wouldnt f* with my parents though cuz thats disrespectful if ur gonna die lol


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Call my family and close friends to tell them how much they mean to me.
I'd then spend the rest of my time with my boyfriend hugging him.


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I would be in shock and probably get totally hysteric. Then I would I just sit there, cry and not be able to do anything. When the hour is almost up I would realize that I hadn't done anything meaningful since I got the message. That would make me panick even more, and then I would just die I guess...


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I would do and say things to people that i really feel and not hide it, well the people i get pissed off at and annoyed anyway, then talk to people i care about.