Liers for the wrong reasons.


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When it comes to relationships, there is only one thing that bothers me to the maximum. This is the inability to tell the truth.

Although the lying only ever happens on small things, he never lies to me about the big things. But small things where it should even really matter, that i wouldn't but upset with knowing the truth, and he feels he needs to lie to me.

We've had this conversation many times before and ive told him i don't appreciate the lying, and still he continues to do so.

Someone have any input on my situation? This is the only thing that is going wrong in my relationship but i feel if i cant trust him to tell me the truth on little things, how am i supposed to trust him in the long run?


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doesn't sound like a big problem to me...its just small stuff that you don't get mad about...never the big stuff...i say just don't let this ruin anything because it doesn't sound like that big of a problem


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a relatiionship is build on trust !! the lil lies are harmless its wen the big lies start !! tell ur partner u need him to be honest always cos at the back of ur mind u will always be wondering !


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It's just the fact that when i ask him to answer me truthfully he lies to my face and then i find out later through someone that's he's with that he's lying.

It just doesn't make me feel that secure.

I am worried about the big stuff too, because its hard to believe him when he tells me things. How am i supposed to believe a word out of his mouth if he lies even when i ask him to be honest.

Half the time i know before he tells me the answer that he's lying, just check to see if he tells the truth.

When someone makes a promise to tell the truth from then on always, i dont see why they feel the need to lie at all?


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Hes probably lying for some reason...maybe he thinks you will be upset or start an argument...if you know hes lying and you ask something to see if he will lie to you thats not right either


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but he should know lies will make things worse .. he shouldnt have any reason to lie !! maybe u need to tell him his lies must stop before they affect ur relationship badley


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Ask him why he feels he needs to lie about certain things. Find out if it's because they don't mean anything to him (they're just small stuff) or it's because he is afraid of your reaction (assess too if you don't tend to overreact about things), or something. Let him know that while probably what he lied about is not something you'd get angry over, the fact that he lied is the one that bothers you. And let him know it also hurts you especially when you have to find out about this from other people.


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I don't condone mendacity or lying on any level. From personal experience I'll say that lying sooner or later escalates to bigger lies. If he thinks that he can get away with lying to you now, he might start thinking "what's one more?" or maybe that he can get away with telling a slightly bigger lie.

That's my two cents.