Liberal and Conservative Conceptions of Freedom

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    To the conservative, a man is free when he is left to reap the rewards of his successes, and also to be punished for his failures. To deprive a man of the former, or protect him from the later, would be to lock him in a moral void and ensure that he has no direction or strength of will. Such a man would never develop the fortitude, maturity, and insight needed to recognize and stand against adversity, and thus would always be a slave to his nanny protectors.

    To the liberal, freedom is the absence of reward/punishment structures that drive men down particular paths despite themselves. A man driven forward by sticks and carrots, as opposed to his own will, is only a puppet. Maturity and adaptability come from exploration, and a man always forced down one road will be a moral infant: too inflexible to handle a varied and changing world. Such a man is a slave to the status quo and the authorities who uphold it.

    Agree? Disagree?
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  2. Malificus

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    I agree. That's pretty close to how I feel on the matter.
  3. bball4life

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    thats probably the best definition for liberals and conservatives i have heard yet. i agree on both definitions.

    just a random thought, are u liberal or conservative EI?
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    Good, in other words.. Liberal system is one that helps you out, gives out subsidies.. where as in a Conservative system it's every man for his own, if you want something work for it. I agree with you EI
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    I'm a liberal, but not to an extreme.
  6. Van

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    A fairly good definition,

    My problem with liberlism is partly as a result to the above statement which = slave to society (one that you may not always agree with).
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    I do think my description of how liberals view freedom was a little off, to be honest. It might be better to say that we see it as a lack of oppression, whether it be man or nature that does the oppressing. For instance, we might speak of freedom from ignorance, which we see as harmful and limiting, and thus oppressive; despite us all being in a natural state of ignorance at birth.
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    Ah. Then can you define moderate? I call myself that, it's Rush Limbaugh's worst enemy, it would appear. Some say moderates stand in the middle of the road and get hit from both directions. I say not if there's a well-designed median;)
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