Leyland named top AL manager


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Jim Leyland walked into his Tigers clubhouse one night after a tough loss and laid down the law. No, not that way.
Get your chin up, he said. Turn on the music. Eat your dinner. Have a laugh if you feel like it, because you're going to win the next game.

"When you act like they were," he recalled Wednesday upon winning the American League Manager of the Year award, "that's a sign they're worried about tomorrow."

Hanging heads, he said, was the sign of a losing team, and they weren't losers anymore. What he didn't say, but what most everyone else knew, was that knowing how to address it was the sign of a winning manager.

Much as Leyland warned people during the year that he was simply in the right place at the right time for the Tigers' resurgence, he received some well-deserved credit for Detroit's sudden ascension to become a contender. The Baseball Writers' Association of America made him just the second Tiger in history to win Manager of the Year honors.


NAPLES, Fla. -- Determination and drive were two traits Joe Girardi exhibited while managing the Florida Marlins in 2006.
Undaunted by taking over the youngest and cheapest team in the Major Leagues, the former big-league catcher refused to settle for any expectation other than winning. Surprisingly, the Marlins won far more games than anyone could have imagined.

Dire predictions of 100 or more losses awaited Girardi, but the Marlins responded by remaining in Wild Card contention until mid-September, before finishing 78-84.

For his guidance and direction, the Baseball Writers' Association of America on Wednesday rewarded Girardi with the National League Manager of the Year Award.


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What he did with that Detroit roster is amazing this year. He definitely deserves this.


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I agree with you guys no one and I mean no one expected them to make the World Series even make the playoffs. Also I would like to give props to Giradi the thing he did with the youngest team in the Major Leagues was amazing as well. Not bad for a guy who got fired after the season was over.


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Well Leyland winning was pretty much a formality. The job he did though was tremendous. From 119 losses to an AL pennant in 3 years is simply amazing. I have been a Detroit sports fan my whole life and to me the most impressive thing was the way Leyland changed the losing culture of the Tigers into a winning one. Something the Lions have yet to do :mad: .