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Super Nintendo Leveling Up in afterhours


Registered Member
So what's the best place to level up in this game when you've gone through it and accomplished everything short of defeating Lavos?

So far, I've got this spot in Giant's Claw where there are 1 Gigasaur and 2 Leapers who give 1409 exp and 1 barrier and 1 sheild (each redeemable for 2500 gold when they're in excess) each time I fight them. So far I've been able to level up pretty steady going in and out of the cave and using a simple target-all spell each time I fight them for a clean knockout. Luminare / Shock / Flare are the one's that work the best so far.

But I'm looking for a new battle. There has to be some place out there that has a better level-up offer. Don't know where. My guys are around 79-80 and my lead is Chrono at level 86.