Letter Size


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How do increase the size of my letters and stuff permanent basis without having to change the size every time I make a new post.


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On the control panel (MYGF) under Edit Options, you can set your post format like text color and font (bold, italics, etc.). I don't think the size can be set though. It's something that is meant to be changed per post to highlight stuff, I suppose, instead of having all text look too small or too big.


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Why would you want all of your posts to be in a bigger font?

An easy solution might be to do this in your browser ("Ctrl"--> "+") that will zoom the browser in just a bit.


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The current font you are using looks really small to me. Mine were set to that and it bothered me to no end. You can change the type font to verdana, and it will be like the other posts in here.