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SEGA Lets vote worst title!


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Mine hands down goes to.....
sonic the hedgehog 3D !! Seriously what were they thinking?:shake:


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They were thinking "Let's scrap this quality 3D game Sonic X-Treme which is years in the making and replace it entirely with a crappy fake-3D game which we'll throw together in 5 seconds. Genuis." Idiots.

Now, that's actually the only Saturn game I've played... so I'd have to say Sonic (Fake) 3D. It'd probably still be my choice anyway.


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Sonic 3D Blast. More like SOnic 3D Crap. I mean come on. There are certain games that works on a 3D scale. But honestly, it was too soon for Sonic. I am thank ful for SOnic Adventure which restored my faith in 3D games.


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What? Sonic 3D Blast was a decent game considering the Genesis was dead at about that time and Mario 64 was setting the standard in 3-D gaming.

Ever played Perfect Dark on the Game Boy Color? What were they thinking?


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You're kidding right? Sega Rally was probably one of the best games for the Saturn and still handles like a dream today. Sorry mate but you're well off.
No i wasn't kidding, like i said it just didn't look right, its as if they didn't try quite hard enough with the looks which left it between good and bad, i for one prefere my games to be one of the two, the handling was ok not quite a dream i preferred DaytonaUSA's and Daytona CC's (even though many found it hard) these topics are personal opinions, out of games someones actually played, and i just liked every other game i had played more.

My opinion has changed anyway (although its still down there somewhere) has i have just bought a new set of games for my Saturn.

At the moment my new worst is: Toshinden URA (Ultimate Revenge Attack)
Whilst Toshinden looked like garbage it was fun to play.This still looks like garbage, and now it even plays like garbage. New super blocky characters and the poorly detailed new characters, uh? What's worse is that the game can be easily finished in a half hour.

Close runners up: Croc (people who have it will know why) Or MR. BONES (same as with Croc)
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I never played any bad games for Saturn, all I played was Nights and The Lost World.
Oops I forgot about Sonic 3-D blast, this was for sure one of the most retarded excuses for a sonic game, I didn't play it on Saturn though I got it for gamecube in the Sonic Mega Collection, anybody have that?
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