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3ds Let's vote Best DS game (the nomination thread)


Well-Known Member
Ok here's how this will work,

We will go through a nomination process, you can nominate whatever DS game you want but in order for it to be in the final vote it will require at least 3 nominations, if we for some reason have more than 10 games that meet the requirements (3 nominations) then the first games to get 3 nominations will go to the final poll.

You can only nominate one game and you can only do it one time.

As soon as I feel like we have enough games to vote on I will start a fresh thread with the poll so that you can vote.

So here goes I'll start off...

I nominate Super Mario 64 DS as the best DS game.


Tetris DS

You don't just have normal Tetris, but many more versions of it. You can play online versus other people, too. The best Tetris. Ever.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I'm a huge Mario 64 fan and it's the only game I even own for DS. It's the only reason I even bought a DS. It's easily my favorite and a must have.

I second Mario 64 DS.


Well-Known Member
ok so here is what we have so far

super mario 64 DS- 2
Tetris DS- 1
Mario Kart DS- 1
Castlevania Dawn of sorrow- 1

Come on everyone we need more nominations in order for this to work.