Lets try this again


Food Whore
Well, I'm back again (this makes this my third "Intro post"....) Alright, lemme see....

I'm Psyco. I'm from New York, and i'm in college. I'm really into Hardcore/Gabber/Speedcore/Terrorcore/etc, and I also dabble in Metal and the sort. I work at a radio station, and I'm a swimmer. I tend to drop off the face of the earth from time to time due to insane amounts of work.

Yeah, that about sums me up. I'm glad to be back. (Anyone miss me? lol)


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Welcome back, did you come back to these forums because you received an email by chance?

Hopefully you'll stick along for the long run this time around, probably a lot of new things since you last posted.

Enjoy yourself.


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Welcome back, Psyco. I swear you've disappeared and come back way more than three times. Hope you stick around this time.


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Not even sure if I should waste my time with a WB post... Hopefully this will be my last time saying WB to you lol. No leaving this time! :rant:

So you like music? Well how about this. You can check in anytime you like BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE! Yeah! :D