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PC Games Lets Talk About Runescape


Registered Member
Hey guys,

has anybody other than me heard aout runescape? If so have if you guy have any questions id be glad to answer them

:) Please Reply :)


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Personaly i think runescape as a discrace of a game. poorly made. and graphics are horrible for a rpg. IMO


New Member
Oh Albey, dont be so harsh to him because you got killed at level three and never even saw a guard :lol:

Runescape was personally my first MMO experience, and since then I've progressed to games with higher graphics, sound, etc. etc. but those other games are, pretty much, the same concept. (except for clans, runescape doesnt really do the clans good...)

My name on Runescape is Toko R.

I am about level 58, i think. I'm your average good-at-everything guy. I like to make armor for low levels as a hobby. Its funny to see them beg for more when you're like "Dude, this is for free, so shut up!!!!"

Its a good game for those who want to experience their first MMO imho.

And please, compare it to Eternal Lands. Yeah, not that bad huh bub?


New Member
I like Runescape as a beginning to MMO. But after a while it did get kind of boring for me. Haven't played in some time now and no longer remember login and password so would have to start over I guess. lol


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yeah, runescape is ok for beginners, it gets interesting when you pay for the membership, i actually logged on today for a while, and logged out shortly after... the game gets boring as a free member when you beat all the quests, and ive pretty much given up on the game because its not worth the 5 bux every month...


New Member
Runescape is lame. The graphics are horrible, the gameplay is short for the paid world and even shorter for nonmembers world, and its full of loser nerds who cant get a date.


New Member
I wouldn't say runescape was that bad. i mean it's really good for a starting MMO, its free, no download needed, and it has good skills, it lets you know more about MMO's and can get a really good start in MMO life lol.

The cons are the noobs trying to find gf's and not finding any but still try for hours and hours, and those stupid macro's that most ppl use to train they're person.:-/


New Member
I too agree runescape is a good game for new players but i dont play it because lack of Graphics.

The Graphics are horrible, The Paid Worlds are exactly the same to the FreeWorlds and you just get some extra Permissions and features.

Runescapes released a new 'Hunter' skill, Pathetic, Just running around hunting bird's, It's a alright game for beginners who are getting into play RPG but then move on to better games such as Ragnarok, FlyForFun or World of Warcraft.

Runescape has been updated alot but still it's graphics are a disgrace to the word 'RPG' they just look like blocks like 'Tetris', I'd rather play Hearts on my computer then play runescape, But i do admit that the forums are very active like gameforum.com :lol: but it's boring becuase instead of people aiming to become rich/get high stats most so called 'Newbies' just walk around trying to get a virtual girlfriend, it's like 14 year old children acting like GOD's because there high leves.

If these children played something such as Ragnarok, They'd get badily pwned, Thats the fun in Ragnarok, You just pwn the people who try and act hard, Acting like they own the game.


New Member
WOW! Now I've never actually taken the next step to become involved in an mmo, because I'm too afraid it would destroy my marriage. The missus has trouble accepting my addiction to BF2142, DOW and GR:AWF.

However, after reading the replies to this thread I couldn't stop laughing!

Call me a noob, I dun care, but - virtual girlfriends? Are you for real? Does this still happen in MMO's? I mean, I've heard of mates virtually marrying random characters as a joke - but virtual g/fs? HAHAHAHA

So, how do you date her or impress her? Take her to the local village and show her how to kill a Dire Squirrel with your Longsword +50? Sorry, couldn't resist - but the idea of it happening at all - that's what gives nerds such a bad name.

Look for a g/f on any of the numerous dating services - you might get laid for real ;>P


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runescape is a great way for young kids to get introduced to the mmo world before stepping up to the more complex epics like WoW. like i said in another post ITS FREE whaddaya want?! leave poor runscape alone. its not that bad.