Let's Rate Donald Trump With Stars


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We're going to rate Donald Trump with the star system. The first thing everyone needs to do is to give how many stars you like him. So it's very important to put your star rating in first. After you put your stars in then you can answer the questions.

Here's how the rating system works.. It ranges from 0-5 stars.
No stars means you don't like him at all
1-2 means he's still pretty bad
3 stars is average
4 is pretty good
5 is very good

So if you think he's lousy then maybe you would give him 1 star and really good maybe 4.

Now here's some questions to consider.
How do you think he's doing as a president? Is he helping, hurting or it's the same for the economy?
How do you think he's handling foreign affairs? Do you think that Donald tackling issues that's important for America?
Or do you think he's working on unimportant issues?
Last how do you think he gets along with family and friends.

Ok make sure you put your star system first and if there's another issue that you want to mention go ahead.


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I want 3 things from trump.
1. Do whatever he can to stop abortion.
2. Get the government out of American business and let me keep more of my $.
3. Be a strong military leader.
He's done a great job on those 3. Some of the comments and divisions I'm not a fan of.
This exactly. I wish he would cut back on the divisive comments, and stop Tweeting so much, other than that, I give him 4 stars and I want these exact three things.

And I will lay out my reasons why I give him so many stars, rather than those who will rate him low and the reasons are because he's a poopy head.

1. Tax relief bill. It's already helping the economy, based on expected savings. It's going to give people more discretionary income.
2. The cutting of regulations has benefitted the economy. It's led to increased business which has led to the lowest unemployment rate in years, especially for blacks and Hispanics.
3. Consumer confidence. The confidence the consumer has is responsible for the increased investment, and has led to the record stock market numbers.
4. Ending DACA as an Executive Order. For one, we need to fix our immigration problem. We are a nation of laws, and our laws must be followed. Second, it's unconstitutional, and should be passed by Congress, not by the POTUS.
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Pretty much satisfied with Trump. At least so far. Have to see what happens.

Also wish he would back off the nasty tweets but I like knowing what's on his mind.


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The nasty tweets, which I'm not a big fan of either, are incredibly effective at getting policy passed.

Opening ANWR is a great example. Alaska has tried to get that passed for at least 30 years. Every time they are able to do it and try the media will dominate with Sierra Club and others talking about what a horrible idea it is, the phones will get flooded and it never passes. I lived in Alaska and have seen it happen many times. Well they just slide that right into the tax bill and it was done. Democrats didn't stage a fake filibusterer, CNN didn't run an ANWR special, nobody dressed up as a polar bear and marched the streets. Because they were all outraged and talking for hours on end about his nuclear button comment or something else dumb he said.

The regulation rollbacks and the government job cuts are the same. I remember someone on the board getting outraged because the Republicans wanted to cut spending of fruit fly research that the government was doing. Those reg rollbacks are thousands of little papercuts that each would have garnered outrage and protest in the streets with any other president. OMG - The fish are all going to die in the river!! (Seen that a thousand times when Bush tried to cut anything epa related)

In fact, some could argue that Trump's executive style is a clear indicator that he is a very stable genius. He's getting boatloads of stuff done that Republicans have promised but not been able to deliver and he's doing it with no pushback.


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0 - he's an abject failure. What slight good he has accomplished is tarnished by is attempt to rule through tweeting like an agnst filled teen ager and his constant opening of the pie hole in his face to spew lies.

He has lied to the American people more than Madison Avenue.


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One thing liberals should like if they were being honest, under trump there has been a defacto minimum wage increase. Several big box stores like Wal-Mart have increased their minimum wage because of the tax cuts. It's not always true but generally employers have to pay Wal-Mart wages to keep employees.
Obama talked about raising the minimum wage for 8 years. If liberals were honest they would cheer the minimum wage increase that trump has gotten through. It's am incredible help to the poorest Americans.