PlayStation 2 Let's play Final Fantasy 12 together

Hey, anybody out there with Final Fantasy 12? Pop it in and let's play together. We can give each other tips, help, we can chat about the characters and the plot as it advances.

Right now I'm currently trying to get enough loot to sell it for cash. I need to upgrade my weapons and magic before I heard off to the Lusha Mines. I'm at the point of the game where you need to...(20% into the game):

rescue Penelo from the bandits.

So, tell me where you're at and we'll start from there! =)
I've already beat it so I can't play it toghether with you. But what kinda weapons did you give your characters? I remember that I always gave all my characters swords and kept relying on brute strength instead of just tactics.
Well, I manage to make it to the mines and make my way through... to...:

the bandits, but they're pretty tough. They told me to run, though, I would rather beat them to see the extra scene or gain any extra items. Is it possible, and what level should I be to take them on?