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Lets Have A Contest For Most Views!!


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To whom this may concern:

My name is Darrell and I am 23 - I have lots of auctions going right now and some that will crush the min. 1000 views to be considered on the message board.

I copied one so I am not ashamed but I made it better so it is original - Instead of Truth or Dare it is just one extreme dare also with a special 3-day listing for Dare Me To Eat Anything which is running now simaltaneously with 10-day listing for any dare.

I just revised a great auction idea and will have lots of success!

If this is considered advertising Forehead Guy please revise so the jist of my post is made. Thanks - Basically, this all means that I have great auctions and I think we should have a contest for most views/most watchers or even Most ebay pulse auctions each month.

Darrell - aka pokermase32 on EBAY


what? no pink?
wolvergambit said:
Lets have an contest for the oldest.....I WIN!!!!!!!!

LOL so is that why you hide your age?

you're funny


Registered Member
How about a contest for the most posts (not by a Mod)?


wolvergambit said:
Lets have an contest for the oldest.....I WIN!!!!!!!!

LOL now that I know your age I'm very happy! For the longest time I thought I was the oldest here! :::bowing to my elder::: ;)
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I have an auction right now at nearly 3,000 hits with 52 watchers!!!! And its only 3 days into a 10 day auction. Do I win? What do I win? Wait....maybe I dont want a prize from you guys (ive seen what you all talk about) LOL


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wow nanner...you post a lot...the last i looked you were in the 200 range...i guess i don't pay that much attention

i would think a contest like that would be fun...but who would up the prize..i think andrew has been giving enough so far....could be a contest of pride


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If the moderator decides that its a good idea I have alot of great auctions right now - I will take 5% of the profit from all of them that are listed right now and donate them to a prize pool for this site. What do you say forehead guy? I just want to be able to approve your completed idea of a contest if you revise my idea. Let me know.