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Lets go to Mars!


Endangered Species
Religion is kind of pointless to the subject, we might as well by-pass Mars and look for the giant tortoise whos back we ride, or scrap pragmatic science and pray ourselves there.

Back to the OP though; Im with Hiei, its a stupid idea. Going to Mars is nowhere near on par with colonising the new world, this is more like telling the submariners on the Kursk to start farming the seabed. Ive never seen the fascination with Mars or why we would ever want to go there, I can not see what it offers us that our planet can not already provide, the only thing it is useful for is research, or as a stage post and we have advanced far enough that robots can carry this out with far less risk and at much lower costs.

Mars is a failed planet, it is to small to retain an atmosphere or have a lithosphere capable of producing one, we might as well keep visiting the moon. Before we make such leaps though we should learn to do these things productively with the correct incentive and dreams in doing so rather than for the glory of doing it. we need to stop looking outwards and start looking at ourselves and if this is to include space exploration we learn more about ourselves looking at Venus than at Mars.