Let's Explore Each Other's Musical Interests


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Here's the deal.

Every fuck here needs to go start using Pandora. Create a station and start choosing the songs that you like and dislike using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Then click on "Pandora Widget" down at the bottom left. Once you get the code for your widget send it to me! (As well as the link to your GF Profile. Save me some work.)

Then I will post it at:
Ex: Scissorhand's Jams

At the top of it it will tell you the radio station I am listening to.

Below that it will show you all the songs I have gave thumbs up lately. You can click the songs and sample them or make your own station out of them if you like them! I really want to make a couple of you guys pages so that I can see what you are listening to and what you're diggin'. So let me know if you think this is a good idea! And if so, message me your info!


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It's stupid, because Pandora doesn't work here. I can view what you are listening to, I just can't create my own station. I'll see if I can post something similar with Jango, which is a similar site that actually works here.


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What about Last.fm? Never understood what was so great about Pandora. I don't really care for "Radio" style recommending.

I only use Last.fm to show my tastes, not for the radio.

Speaking of which my tastes according to my Last.fm are not just incredibly accurate right now. I created the account three years ago, but never used the scrobbling feature until a few days ago. :lol:

A lot of it is biased towards songs I've bought recently...

bassoonist?s Music Profile ? Users at Last.fm


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Well the thing with Pandora is that it suggests new music to you and you thumbs up or thumbs down it. So you discover new music and when I visit your page that I would make for you (it would be http://dontkillmusic.com/envy (or whatever you wanted at the end)) I can see what music you thumbs up. So as you discover new stuff that you like I can contract the sickness too. ;)