Let's Date Each Other...


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This is a game. No, we aren't going out to Steak~n~Shake for a meal... it's about how old you are...

You may ask one question.
One question only.
Then ONE person answers it and posts the next question.
If two people happen to post at the same time, then quote who you were answering. It's kinda difficult to play in forums I guess but fun nonetheless. :D
After you have answered a question, you may NOT post an answer for the next two questions... You may comment on any questions as much as you like but don't drop the ball on the actual question at hand... This game is also called 'Do You Remember ..." Questions should be stated so they can be answered with a Yes or a No.

I'll start... :grin:

Do you remember the television show Noozles?
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If by ICP, you mean Internet Connection Protocal, then yes I have! :)

What is your favorite movie?

(And just an FYI, please keep the questions clean people... This can be fun for everyone, so don't ruin it for everyone. Thanks. :) )


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Shawshank Redemption...

Have you played "Gnip-Gnop"?
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