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Let's compare our perceptions of each others' education system


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We're going to discuss what we feel about our country's educational system, and then we're going to state what the regional beliefs of other countries' educational systems are.

I'm from India. Our education systems sucks, and Indians are not smarter than anyone else at anything. That's a myth I wish Western society would do away with, because our people are largely mediocre, and there's no need to give any special privilege.

Rote School
We are raised in a rather mechanical society. Our school system focuses on rote learning and mechanical problem solving. We're similar to trained monkeys and our intellectual creativity is stifled due to teachers who are usually not fit to teach. 95% of the time the student is smarter than the lecturer. This is probably because the educational system at the time our teachers studied might have sucked. Conformance with accepted principles is a virtue and independent thought might be amusing, but mostly not appropriate. The smartest student is usually the one with the largest memory.

IIT Craze
People usually do Engineering or Medicine or Commerce. Any attempt to deviate from these fields is looked upon as weird and unfit. There are institutes called the IITs in India, and they're the most reputed. Lakhs of people write their exam and top few thousands qualify. The exam is called IIT-JEE and people usually spend two years preparing for that exam. A large number of people who don't get in the first time spend one entire extra year doing nothing but preparing for that exam once again.

By the way, the institutes that help you prepare for the JEE have their own entrance exam. Preparations for even these coaching institutes have courses for about two years.

College over branch
Do you know what's the worst part about most engineering students? They choose the branch after choosing a college. They haven't decided on what they want to study. The typical reply is that they'll choose their favourite branch among the available options in the best college they've got. Actually it's worse than that. Sometimes even that is dependent on the largest percentage of students who got a job from a particular branch in the previous year.

A lot of students do engineering for the sake of having some undergraduate degree, and then go on to do an MBA.

Indians are smart myth
That's pure nonsense. The above scenario shows why Indians are used to working hard, and hence have better grades. There's also parental and societal pressure. The other reason is that the Indians who study well and can afford to go abroad go abroad, and are not at all reflective of the Indian graduates.

Any retard can get a degree here. I can't stress that enough. You usually don't need to think at all. You just need to know the important words and diagrams (it probably doesn't matter that you don't understand it because our exams are not designed to test the understanding).

Of course, some colleges are exceptions, but this is the situation of the majority.

Our perception of the Western education
When I say 'our' or 'we', I'm excluding myself. We believe that your schools suck and you can't do any arithmetic without a calculator, and generally suck at maths. But somehow automagically higher education is amazing.

My perception of the Western education is that they teach you why you're learning something and a wholesome learning that enable you to be smarter citizens without being specialized in any particular branch before you make that decision. I also believe that you can't get through your colleges unless you understand what you have studied.
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My experience with American education has been very mixed. I've had some teachers who were excellent IMO, who challenged my preconceived notions and gave the class fun and interesting problems to tackle. I've also had teachers who still aggravate me any time I think about them - even years after the fact.

Overall, I get the impression that the schools (at least in my little section of the country) have a few great teachers, a few terrible teachers, but mostly teachers who mean well but don't have the tools to be great, or are too impeded by bureaucracy/financial restrictions/kids who are spoiled, etc.


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My public schooling was great, but then again, our school system is usually ranked pretty highly in the northeast so I believe I was quite lucky. However, looking at the educational system as a whole, I think the US is pretty poor. Not only do we change the events of history to further our agendas (see: Texas), refuse to pay teachers livable wages, but we also do not put the money and effort into our public systems. We have a government that for years has fought to make sure private industry is safe, gets plenty of tax cuts, and gets to use government money as freely as they want (see: bailout bonuses). But when our educators want fair pay, we tell them to 'cut back' or to 'make sacrifices' because when it comes down to it: America doesn't care about education anymore. We haven't for a while. We push through inadequate bills aimed to 'solve' these problems when they never do.


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Our perception of the Western education
When I say 'our' or 'we', I'm excluding myself. We believe that your schools suck and you can't do any arithmetic without a calculator, and generally suck at maths.
:lol: This statement couldn't be more true. My mother's East Indian and when ever I use a calculator, she just looks at me as to say "you dumbass." I know I'm enforcing a stereotype here, but she is really good at math. I don't think I've ever seen her use a calculator while doing her taxes.

I went to a private school, and let me just say - they're not that different from public schools. People generally assume that just because you went to private school that means you probably had the best teachers ever. In my case, all my teachers were idiots except for my social studies and info tech teacher (same guy for both subjects.) He was the only one that treated us like students, instead of kindergarteners.


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We think it'll solve things to throw more money into the system for resources. What needs to happen is to teach the best way to use the resources we have now. Teachers don't need to be spread so thin by district, state, and federal government requirements that they don't even have time to impart a solid understanding of new material. If the whole culture is going to operate that way, then parents have to step in to supplement the learning....or eliminate some of it. Yes, scores might reflect the consequence of that but oh well. The subject matter is captured, the sanity of the child is preserved, and the maturity of the parent can look past measurable results, then it can be turned into a reasonable experience.