Let there be light




We try to spend a week or so at the ocean every year, somewhere between Maine and the Outer Banks. We do wind up in New Jeresy a lot, since it is so close, and I try to wake up at least one day to catch sunrise.

I take a bike ride along the hard packed sand at the water's edge - and I take my camera everywhere.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Sweet view, I say u have a knack for taking photos. Hmm...I gotta go and do that at me beach sometime with a disposable camera. But I love the pic Impaired! Gotta any more by anychance?


Sultan of Swat
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That must be a sick place in the summer. Anyways great picture my friend, I've been impressed with every picture you have taken and posted here, keep them coming I like them a lot.



Here's sunset on the bay side, by the Coast Guard station, with a fishing boat. . .

Here's another sunrise shot from the same morning as the first one. . .
That sunset is the bomb. Please take higher res pics :D i demand larger photos!