Lest We Forget


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Today on the 25th April in Australia and New Zealand we celebrate Anzac Day. It is a day to remember the soliders who fought and those that lost their lives in battle for our freedom.

Lest We Forget

Shall we ever forget the day the boys marched away,
to fight for their king and their home,
with a smile on their lips and their faces aglow,
and no thoughts of the days yet to come?

Shall we ever forget thier whistle and shout,
their songs and laughter and fun?
to them twas a joke, and a spree and a lark
till they came face to face with the Hun.

Shall we ever forget how they took up their place
In the trenches so muddy and cold.
When "bully and biscuit" was "dinner and tea"
Yet their spirits were still brave and bold

Shall we ever forget when the news arrived home
That a loved one had fallen out there?
The sun seemed to set, the birds ceased to sing
And the future seemed dark with dispair

Shall we ever forget when peace was declared
And the nation when mad with delight
Yet for many twas sad: no homecoming for them
Still they joined in the shouts with their might

Shall we ever forget our glorious dead
Who freely gave all they could give
Now in marble and granite, still more in our hearts
We will praise them as long as we live.

A. N. Cole 1925

Thankyou for fighting for our country and freedom. I will never forget what you have done for us.
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Just got back from our Dawn service, had a few drinks with the boys, and I am going to be watching my AFL game today, cause I follow the bombers :D.


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I went to the dawn service overlooking the water at Greenwell Point. It was a nice service and the water was perfect. Not cold, not hot nice breeze. It amazed me the amount of babies and they all behaved no crying bar one which was good.

Enjoy your day I'm off to play two up in a little while. Might have a nap first and sleep of the first couple of drinks.


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I really wanted to make a dawn service this year as it is going to be my last year in NZ for a while, but unfortunately I didn't wake up in time. Might make a service later today though.

Gwargedd...are you an Aussie or Kiwi then?