Les Misérables


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I'll see if it'll get me to read the novel (how is it in English? Is it Shakespearean language style?) or watch the movies.
The English, at least in the version I have, is more modern. Of course it isn't the easiest to read, but not too bad either.

The main issue is that the version I have is like 1,200 pages long. :lol:


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1,200 wth hahaha

Is it in child's print? I wish they made it come in easy to read version. I don't like to read the French novel because I dislike written (formal) French form. It's like reading English in thee and thou.


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I can't believe I haven't updated this thread!

I did watch the musicale on July 3, the second to the last day it was showing here. I love it! Plus I've been in a depressed mood around that time so I can relate well with the miserable people :rofl:.

The guy who played Jean Valjean is John Owen Jones. What a lovely, lovely, lovely voice! I believe he's the one singing on the trailer I posted in the OP (have to recheck).