Movies Leroy Smith, the man who motivated Michael Jordan


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Now this is some funny marketing. It appears to be a new movie or TV show of some sort, but the site just looks like a basketball training/motivation site.

Leroy Smith

That's Eddie Murphy's brother Charlie Murphy in the pictures. They look very similar.

Charles Q. Murphy - Biography

YouTube - Leroy Smith's Get Your Basketball On Infomercial

YouTube - News Stories: Leroy Smith Exposed (1/4)

YouTube - News Stories: In the Recording Studio with Leroy Smith (2/4)

YouTube - News Stories: Motivation in Action with Leroy Smith (3/4)

YouTube - News Stories: Behind the Scenes with Leroy Smith (4/4)

Whatever it is it looks like it has some potential to be pretty funny. :lol:
Lol, nobody else thinks this looks funny? For some reason I think it looks pretty good, whatever it is. :lol:
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