Leopard Geckos


Son of Liberty
My fish died last week, it was an Tiger Oscar that I had for around 5 or 6 years. Now that I have this empty 50 gallon aquarium sitting in my room I've decided I dont want to get another fish, but instead get myself a lizard.

Now I've heard that Leopard Geckos are some of the most beginner friendly lizards available. I was just curious if any of you out there have had any experience with reptiles or leo's for that matter?


The Original Kiwi
My little sister had one for a couple years and they seemed to be pretty low maintenance. Hers would let her get it out and crawl all over here. Just make sure you don't dehydrate them or fry them and you are ok.


Son of Liberty
Im getting really excited, finished putting my terrarium together! Now Im gonna make sure it maintains temperature and humidity before I go looking to buy my lizard.


Registered Member
i used to have 2 and there really easy to look after they eat live crickets though and the noise of them can get anoying lol