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Apparently Lent is coming up. Do any of you guys celebrate/practice it? If so, what do you plan on giving up?

I personally am not religious, so I don't participate. I do like to watch people struggle to keep their promises though. :D

My friend is giving up Christianity for Lent, so he doesn't have to really give up anything. Can you even do that I suggested giving up Lent for Lent, but some folks didn't take it so nicely =l


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My grandmother expects my whole family to not eat meat on fridays.. yet we eat fish every friday?

Also, on Easter, Ash Wednesday, and a couple other huge Catholic bulslhit holidays we don't eat meat. I haven't had the heart to tell her that I don't affiliate myself with a religion, but she still hasn't figured out that I don't follow along with the bullshit rituals that they try to put on me. I only stay quiet about it out of respect.

I also don't give anything up for Lent. Its pointless.


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my mom doesn't care what we do; but if dads home we try not to eat meat cause he thinks we should follow it even though he knows i have no use for religion; unless satanism counts as a religion and not a philosophy.


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Here we celebrate it, but mostly the little ones do it and sometimes the might ask the elders what are they giving up, and we just lie what we're giving up and try not to use it infront of them :D, AND sometimes we joke on giving up something from a harmless joke "I'm giving up being around YOU!" lol