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Lengthy or Curt


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I often fantasize about writing a novel. Then I look at those like Tolstoy or Follett or Tolkien or Michener etc and how they go into so much detail and give such a gift to a reader and I just shake my head. Can someone like me ever be able to entertain so expertly? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
Well, I say you ought to give it a try. You never know unless you do!

As for me, I'm way too verbose, especially for a generation that prefers everything in super tiny soundbites. I've never been able to be concise. I do try, but I fail miserably. Every time. Without fail.

Much like I'm doing now.
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I try to make it as short and clear as possible.
I don't even bother to read long posts or hear talkative people. They tired me very easily.
So I know how I don't like others to be lengthy with their words and I try to do the same to other people in order not to get on their nerves.


Better Call Saul
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I am not usually that lengthy. When I wrote essays in college I was really lengthy though because I figured the more I wrote the better I'd do and I was right for the most part. Usually around here I don't type as much as some people...I'd say I'm moreso in the middle of the pack.

I do find that sometimes longer posts I glance over just because my attention span is short haha