Length of Membership


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ok I made this thread to see how long some people have been on this site and its predecessors just give a general estimate

For me I have been here for not tooo long
Well, I don't remember when I originally joined. I think maybe a year and some change. However, when the board went down I didn't re-regiser until two months ago. So either a year + or two months. Take your pick.


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I joined about a year ago. I just remember joining at the end of July. XD So I've hit my one year mark.
At this instance of FC since the beginning...feb. 28th last year to be exact

At that excoboard thing pretty much since the beginning...MJ invited me shortly after he made it.

At the old fusion central for 1.5 - 2 years about...2002ish-2004

At db3k/anime illusions/MadHouse for like 4 years...1999-2003 when db3k really started dying...well maybe 2004

forum user since late '99 till now. :)

I've known MJ and Drky since late '00
I have been here for some time now, I know it has been over a year but I am not sure the exact date or month, it was sometime right before the beginning of last summer (school summer).


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March of 2006. Although i didnt become a semi-regular poster till...probably a couple months in.

Dude I didnt realize i joined probably not even a few weeks after this board was created...most of the mods here had almost 1000 post when i joined....