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Lemon Or No??


Registered Member
Being from the south, I love sweetened iced tea, even in the winter.
Simple question, if you like iced tea, do you prefer yours with or without, lemon??


Babeasaurus Sex
Lemon yes!!!! Always :)

I infact don't think ice tea is ice tea without the lemon lol!


Registered Member
I prefer lemon with lots of things! If theres a fresh lemon around chances are its going to make its way onto any meal that i have and any drink too mostly!

the smell of limes makes me want to puke!


Do What Thou Wilt
I need a Lemon fo sho. Tea just tastes so bland without it, imo.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Tea is my favorite drink, definitely with Lemon. If I'm drinking hot tea, though, I usually just have it plain. Especially if it has some flavor like Chai. Iced Tea (or sweet tea, lol) I do like it.


No thanks. Not a big fan of lemon, unless it's being squeezed over seafood. I'll just enjoy my peach iced-tea instead.


I never ever want to use lemon in any drink or food.
I'd rather drink ONLY lemon juice than have it in any other way.


Registered Member
I don't like lemon in my tea either, and I only drink tea iced cold, southern way :)
I really can't stand the taste of warm tea.


Sally Twit
I think it is one of the worst drinks to have been invented. The thought of it makes me want to vomit. The smell of it makes me want to vomit. You people are insane.