Leinart out for the season; Cards sign Rattay as backup to Warner

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Babe_Ruth, Oct 9, 2007.

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    PHOENIX -- An already difficult second NFL season came to an end for Arizona's Matt Leinart on Tuesday when he was placed on injured reserve with a broken collarbone.
    Kurt Warner, the 36-year-old quarterback who had shared duties with Leinart, moves into the starting job. The team signed Tim Rattay on Tuesday to be Warner's backup.
    Leinart, a left-hander, fractured his left collarbone when he was sacked by Will Witherspoon in the second quarter of the Cardinals' 34-31 victory over the Rams in St. Louis on Sunday. He sat on the sideline in the second half with his arm in a sling.

    "We didn't want to rush him back," first-year coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "To hold a roster spot for that long is difficult, with some of the areas we are banged, with the hope he can get back in time. I am more concerned about him trying to rush back and maybe jeopardize his future."

    The uncertain timetable was a major reason for calling an end to the young quarterback's season.
    "Whenever you have a fracture there will be six weeks or however long it takes to heal," Whisenhunt said, "and then, especially because it is his throwing shoulder, you have to do the rehabilitation of it throwing the football. Who knows what it could have been? Could have been 8 weeks, could have been 12 weeks."


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    and then Warner gets hurt, OF COURSE! He's on my FF team, MY O-7 FF TEAM...it's funny b.c. i'm undefeated (7-0) in my free league and havn't won a game in my money league...go figure.
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    Some might think this hurts the Cardinals, but I don't think that Leinart is ready to be a number one quarterback in this league, he does to many errors when he's on that football field. I believe in a couple of years he might be a superstar in this league, but he's not ready just yet.
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    Hey MJ, we actually agree on something! OH MY!

    Warner got that offense going, it's a shame he's going to have to play the rest of the year with torn ligaments now.
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    Its a real shame they're using third string QBs especially since they have pro bowl type receivers in Boldin and Fitz. Edge is gonna have alot on his back from now on.

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