Leinart finally signs with Cardinals

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Forbidden, Aug 15, 2006.

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    We all knew it was going to happen, I believe the Cardinals will have a good season this year, with the additions of James, and Leinhart. They also have two of the best wide receivers in the league, in Boldin and Fitzgerald. There fortune will change soon.
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    They will have a good season but the only reason they beat the steelers is because THEY DIDN'T PLAY THEIR BACKUPS (until really late)
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    hey the next tim couch is signed big deal

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    A good grasp of the English language would be appreciated.

    It's about time that Leinart signed. It seemed like he and his agent were getting a little big headed about the whole situation. If he wanted #1 money he should have left last year when he would have been #1. As it was he should've gotten #10 money. I'm just glad that he signed because the Cardinals starter at the moment is Mr. Glass Jr. (Pennington is Mr. Glass Sr.) so the more snaps he can get before the season starts the better. Good job by the Cards. Their fourtunes are about to change in the near future.
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    u cant understand that lol, its pretty simple. leinart=couch

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