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Legwear preference


Sally Twit
Trousers, skirts, shorts, jeans, etc. What do you prefer to wear on your legs?

I always wear trousers. I don't like jeans and I hate the noise they make when someone scratches their leg - especially if they have long nails. Beurk.
I'm not a skirt/shorts kind of gal. I feel stupid in both.


yellow 4!
I've practically lived in leggings for the past year*. I guess I'm just in a phase but they're so comfy and easy to wear, and good for both winter and summer. In winter I will also wear jeans a lot, and in summer I do like shorts and skirts because it's cooler. Mostly shorts though because I don't like the hassle of trying to keep a skirt down if I'm not going to be indoors all day and it's windy out. I never ever wear long skirts.

*NB: I don't wear them as trousers like I see girls doing a lot. I don't like that. Don't wanna see your butt.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I have to wear nice long pants to work everyday. If I'm lounging around at home I'm almost always in gym shorts and when I go out it's usually jeans or khaki shorts.
i need to add on...my PREFERENCE is gym shorts or jeans haha
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I ♥ Haters
My wardrobe is full of denim. I love jeans - bootcut, flares, baggy, skinny, jorts, denim skirts etc. I think I might have over 60 pairs of jeans all together.

Also, I love any kind of pants by Tripp. In fact I picked up a few different types of these bad boys when I was in the States.

Yes, they look awesome.


aka ginger warlock
Those pants are awesome bubbles! I am sort of the same, I tend to wear mostly jeans and cargo pants. The odd thing is I have wondered about wearing a skirt, I would actually like to see how it feels, is that odd?


I don't use jeans that much but I use skirts or any other type of shorts when I'm not working.
At work I don't wear any of them or any type of trousers because I'm not allowed to.
I mostly wear dresses and prefer to be chic and classy.


Registered Member
Yoga pants/capris have become my first choice lately because of the heat. After summer I usually always wear jeans, or fleece pajama pants around the house and barn.


No Custom Title Exists
I prefer jeans over anything, I feel very uncomfortably in trackpants so I never wear them, maybe around the house on an odd occasion but that's about it. During the summer time, wearing jeans in Melbourne weather is out of question, shorts it is.


Registered Member
In the good ole summer time, you'll find me in nothing but shorts. In fact when cool weather comes around, I get sad by having to start wearing jeans and other long pants again.