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lego art


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh WOW!!!!! Now those are way cool..I never noticed those before..
Now I got something new to watch...Thank you Spence:)
Good find.:nod: :D

BTW Next time place nonauctions in the Genral Discussion or Hobbies Forum
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not a plastic bag
sorry, I suck at catergorizing stuff!

Yeah, I can't stop thinking that I could do that. It has really woken up the kid in me. I like the name plates he did and was thinking, surely I could sell those for enough to pay for some of this hobby.


Wanna play?
I saw that on the pulse, it is absolutely amazing. My 15 year old is a HUGE Napolean fan and she was pretty excited about it too. I was thinking "Christmas gift" until the price went so high, but bravo to the artist!


Secret Agent
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They aren't that hard to do. Just put the image into a mosaic program and limit the colors. BAM. Print it out and make it in legos. Someone sold a Conan O'Brian one a while ago.