3ds Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks


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Yeeeaaaaa, I saw this trailer a while back and I didn't feel impressed. But you know, I'm guessing that despite the impressions we've got right now, this game is going to turn out great XD You remember how so many people didn't like the look of wind waker, but changed their minds as soon as they started playing the game? I think this will be similar =3 Marf


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The game looks alright, it seems like it'll wort of have an old west maybe 1800s feel to it combined with a somewhat traditional Zelda feel.

I'm still not a fan of those windwaker graphics but what am I gonna do?

I might get this game, however I never got Phantom Hourglass, so we'll see what I do.


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I'm looking forward to this one. The boat in WW and PH was well done, so I'm curious to see how the train angle will play out. I also wonder how they're going to tie this into the overall story of the series. Hyrule's never had much technology, but now there are engines popping up.