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Legalizing marijuana


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We have had this discussion in the past, but since we have gotten quite a few numbers lately, I thought I was bring it back up.

What are your thoughts on the legalization of marijuana? It’s now legal in Denver, and I haven’t heard anything bad about it. Next year, it will probably be legal in Canada – which I have no issues. I don’t smoke myself, but I do not have a problem with people who do.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
It is legal in numerous states now-days and I bet the number grows more and more every year

I don't smoke either and don't plan to start but I don't see how its any different than drinking alcohol. So I say legalize it


Registered Member
Why it hasn't been legalized in more states yet is beyond me. Think of the tax dollars that can be generated. Take these tax dollars and give it to the schools. Think of what the schools can do with that money!


Registered Member
Well, I assume we're talking on a federal level? I think doing this one by state isn't really working out, mainly because of the issues with the difficulty of making deposits for these businesses at federal banks. I'm not a huge fan of marijuana myself, but to each their own. My main concern is that there isn't a good system for testing the sobriety of a driver, like they talk about here. Once that gets sorted out, I'd be on board.


Registered Member
Please leave the federal government out of this. They have too much control over state's right's as it is. Let each state handle their own legalization. I say it should be legal. Like Millz, it's not any worse than alcohol.


Registered Member
I'm a drinker not a smoker (if the avatar didn't let you know this already) and I am 100% aware that alcohol is far more deadly and dangerous than marijuana.

Frankly, you should be allowed to alter your mood with whatever you want.

There are already laws in place for crimes. I don't really think it matters whether you were crazy,angry, drunk or stoned when you pull the trigger. You committed X crime and should be punished.

Insanity or wasted does not alter the life taken (or whatever the crime)