Legalisation of Prostitution

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    The dangers that prostitutes face on a daily basis will never change, prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and no matter your views on the subject women will always have sex for money and men will continue to pay for it, this will always be a fact as long as the Human Race continues to exist, it will never end. So what do we do about this?

    I cannot find the exact statistics but over 50% of prostitutes are psychically and sexually assaulted by their clients and only a very small percentage of them report it. In most cases the women are either frightened of going to Jail or frightened of their pimps, prostitution is an illegal activity and so serious crimes that accompany prostitution will continue to go unreported and people such as Steven Wright (Ipswich Serial Murders 2006) will continue to be allowed to wander the streets and murder women, Steven Wright assaulted other prostitutes before he actually started to commit murder, he killed five females before he came to justice.

    There is a staggering problem with drugs, pimps often coerce females into the use of hard drugs to then be able to assert control over them, you may think that the reason that females going into this profession in the first place is because of a drug addiction but this is not always the case. Once the pimp/s have the girls under their wing so to say they will then pressure them to take drugs, once they have an addiction they simply cannot leave they need money to fund their drug habit.

    I think it is about time that a compromise on prostitution is reached, as a society sex is now more greatly accepted, people are willing to watch pornographic material the people involved are being paid to have sex and the people watching it are paying for the privilege. America has the biggest porn industry in the world, the authorities are very well aware of what goes on in "massage parlors". You can go to a strip club and have a private dance where more often than not for a tip you can have extras.

    Making prostitution legal will solve many problems, there will not be as many drugs or criminals on the streets as there will no longer be such a need for street prostitution therefore eliminating the criminals who pimp females and supply the drugs to them. The rates of assault on prostitutes will decline also the rates of PTSD will go down. Most prostitutes as it stands have been assaulted psychically and sexually more than once and many of them develop PTSD because of what has happened to them, they usually cannot deal with it because of the stigma. These females cannot go to family, friends even the police to report the crimes against them. Human trafficking will also be reduced, although this is such a huge issue in many countries I do think that regarding the Western World the rates of Human Trafficking will decline as there will not be as a greater demand for it. As it stands now legalizing prostitution will be a benefit to society, streets will be safer with no more seedy back alleyways and crime will be reduced.

    I do not agree entirely with having sex for money, I myself would never do it but the fact is that many people do do this and pay for it, whether you agree with it or not you cannot deny that prostitution will forever be a part of society so we have to make it safe for the people involved. I think that a safe, controlled environment with allot of legislation should be implemented. The people involved should have regular drug screenings and STD checks and no one under 21 can sell sex, violence and aggression can be reported and therefore fewer criminals on the streets. I think with time it will be well policed and controlled and serious crime that goes hand in hand with this profession will no longer exist.

    Let's face facts even the most respected among us use prostitutes but keep it a dirty secret. After several years of reading, watching and researching this subject the only conclusion I have is it just has to be legalized, also I do have personal experience on the matter. Many women actually enjoy having sex, not all of them are drug addicts and they don't always start out that way. It's 2010 and things need to start changing, we are no longer in the dark ages. I know the moral value is a different subject but right now I am not thinking of the religious moral values I am just looking at the facts.

    Thank you for reading this, I know I have a tendency to write far too much sometimes, I love your patience with me!

    Your turn for your thoughts?

  2. Susano

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    Why legalise it? Its already legal :D
    (well, here, that is)
  3. pro2A

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    I say whatever two consenting adults decide to do should not be illegal. If a man wants to pay for sex and the woman agrees, then the government has no place to step in. That is just IMO.
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  4. icegoat63

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    Honestly that number is staggering, some 50% of Prostitutes getting beaten is very scary.

    However I wonder how well that would match up with other illegal processes that still happen here in the US? I'm thinking Drug Sales, Dog Fighting, etc all things that the Government has decided is bad for society and thus criminalized. But I also wonder, how would legal regulation change that?

    I've watched and enjoyed the Bunny Ranch show on HBO and to me it was a real eye opener because previously I figured, wow that has to be a real rough situation. Why would any girl think she'd have to put herself through with it? But then you see these girls in an area where Prostitution is legal and its quite draw dropping. The facility is clean, they have constant doctor checkups each week. And think about that alone. If a doctor is checking on you every week... How in the hell could a pimp get away with beating their Working Girls?

    I honestly believe that yes, there are bad situations when it comes to some Prostitutes situations. However, if it were legalized like it is in some counties of Nevada, I do honestly believe that Prostitution could become an honorable career. One that we wouldnt have to worry about the dangers to the women.

    And lastly, think of what happened to Porn. Porn was dirty and wrong and everyone back in the day didnt talk about it. They knew it happened but you never brought that into your home (at least in daylight ;)). And then Porn got really regulated and next thing you know, the AVN awards attract more attention than the Globes do. And whats so different between Porn and Prostitution? Its sex for money, only difference is both parties are paid to do it by a 3rd contractor who records it. But the baseline is still the same, Sex for Money.
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  5. ysabel

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    Is it legal in Nevada or just decriminalized?

    Anyway, my opinion on this, it should be legalized and treated like other professions, subject to paying taxes and with applicable labor laws to protect both the employer, employee and their clients.
  6. Kibi

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    I completely agree.

    Although I'm not shocked at the numbers it's upsetting.

    Though it can be argued that they put themselves in a dangerous position they still should b entitled to protection.

  7. R1pperZ

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    It's legal in Nevada brothels as it is controlled and monitored (taxed). This way it is conducted in a safe environment and protection is always used. I think legalizing it would force prostitutes off the streets and if they really want to do this as a profession they will work for a brothel. That would make it easier for the police to keep it off the streets since all but the drug addicts would enjoy being safe from assault and prosecution.
  8. Impact

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    It is legal here, and I think it's a good idea for it to be that way. Although it doesn't completely cut out the violence and drug use associated with it, it does cut it down, and the benefits of having to have weekly STI check ups sure outweigh any negative, in my opinion. It's going to happen anyway, and so long as it's between two consenting adults, I really don't see an issue.
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  9. icegoat63

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    its not 100% legal in Nevada as a whole. The state made the decision to leave the decision up to the Counties on whether or not they were to allow it. So only in the Rural Counties; Churchill County, Esmeralda County, Eureka County, and Pershing County is prostitution legal. The ones containing large cities such as Reno, Carson, and Las Vegas do not permit legal Prostitution.
  10. CaptainObvious

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    I agree, I don't think the government has a place to step in and it should be legal. As Goat said, it would be safer for the girls which is a good thing. It's something that is long over due.
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