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"Legal" type query


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I have been visiting the US on some what holiday/conference/award for the past 3 years and have had no problems. Im UK citizen.

I was unfortunately involved in a court case where my ex partner (the love of my life) made a serious false allegation against me which got dragged through the courts and even though it has ruined my life, was found not guilty - totally and utterly not guilty and I didnt even do what was accused of.


Would anything like this affect my holiday or trip to the US? Would it show up on a scan on their records? Would they stop me entry?

How can I be sure? What can I do? how do things like this work given the circumstances?


Hell, It's about time!
I don't see why it would. First off what you did or didn't do in another country should have no bearing on entering the states (Assuming it's not terrorist related). If you have been found not guilty, it should be a moot issue. Travel to the US as you please.


Hell, It's about time!
Each country is different and besides a few exceptions, what you do in one country has no bearing what so ever in another because legal systems are really different. What may be a serious felony there can be a simple misdemeanor here.

For example I would imagine it's a felony to have a knife or gun there. If you got a felony charge for possessing something that is illegal there, that means nothing to US authorities because it is perfectly legal here. Same goes for marijuana laws. Lets say I got a pot charge in the US... why would people in Amsterdam give a crap about my pot charge in the US?

Just some thoughts to chew on.


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Of course, if a crime similar to what you were accused of in your country happens and you are seen close to the area then you may be detained for questioning. If you were accused of a sex crime or child molestation and something happens where you have been seen, then you may be deemed as someone of interest to the authorities.... You would probably be half way home before they even realize you are gone...... If you have been accused of something in your home country, that won't affect what you do in the United States or how your treated.


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so if one was accused of a sexual crime (which in itself was nothing at all and didnt happen!) but was found utterly not guilty, the person should still be able to travel and visit the US without problems?


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Yes. You were not convicted of the crime...so I would think that there would be nothing on your record.


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I have never seen any country ask about crimes committed in other countries, and whenever I *am* asked about such things in the US, I am specifically asked if I've ever been *convicted* of a crime, not *charged* with one. (Just to be clear, this is always the easiest part of forms for me to fill out since I've never even been charged with absolutely any kind of crime at all.)

If you're *really* concerned about it, and want to be sure, contact the US Embassy in the UK and ask them about it (it's in London, I'm sure you can just give them a call).
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