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Legal Rights for Robots


Free Spirit
Staff member
With seventeen votes against two, along with two abstentions, the committee agreed that “the most sophisticated autonomous robots could be established as having the status of electronic persons with specific rights and obligations, including that of making good any damage they may cause.”
European Parliament Committee Considering Legal Rights for Robots - Breitbart

Delvaux also proposes a charter for designers that robots “should not be made to look emotionally dependent. You must never think that a robot is a human, that he loves you or he is sad.”

With robots becoming more popular and sophisticated all the time there will have to be new laws pertaining to them. I have to wonder thought if the robot is responsible for any damage they do will it let the owner or manufacturer off the hook. I wonder how that will work, oh the robot did it so I'm not responsible.

I have to agree robots shouldn't appear too human and they should have a kill switch.