Left unfair feedback?


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Another thread made me think of this. Has anybody here ever left feedback that was perhaps slightly unfair or a little exaggerated because you were angry or something didn't go as you wanted?

Have you ever just NOT left feedback for this reason?


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I have only left negative feedback one time. They made me feel REALLY bad about it too! She deserved it though. I waited 5 months for the item, all the while asking for my money back. she got to where she stopped answering emails and such, so I finally left feedback and I got my money back the next day. But the comment she left on the feedback was that I was being unreasonable. I felt 5 months was pretty patient :-/


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I have never left unfair feedback - that is just opening up yourself to troubles. I have only left negative feedback a few times, and they were completely deserving of it.


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I also only left negative feedback once, when a lot of "maternity shorts and shirts" turned out to be her boyfriend's boxers and wifebeaters that she wore through her pregnancy. A size X-L pair of underwear with the elastic stretched out does not maternity clothes make! I should have been suspicious of the far off, fuzzy picture.


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I left neutral feedback recently on a book lot for children that was horrible. It was a bunch of junky books. The seller states in her return feedback also natural, " I would have given you a refund if you contacted me". Duh! still you sold me junk and would continue to sell it if i didnt state it in the feedback? Lets not mention your not giving me a refund now that you see the natural lol. Keep the money you crapy seller! :lol:


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I've been left unfair feedback before, but if anything I've been too nice to some people when leaving feedback. (I'm always worried about people leaving retaliation negatives) :(


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In something like 600 transactions I've only once left negative feedback. This person listed what turned out to be very obvious costume jewelry in the fine jewelry section with lots of disclaimers about how he wasn't sure what it was but thought it was probably genuine. When people, and there were 7 or 8 of us, complained he fell back on the fact that eBay recommends "caveat emptor." I guess it is up to me to be wary of frauds but I wanted to warn others, anyay.


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Yeah, well it's smart to play by the rules. Doesn't it annoy you sometimes, though, that you try to be so nice and fair (even overly so) about feeback, while others don't leave or leave negative feedback for no reason at all, or for very little reason. It just bugs me.

I've not left feedback once because I didn't get the item, but I didn't think it was the seller's fault. I didn't want to give her a positive, because I didn't receive the item, but I didn't think she deserved a negative.


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then why didn't you just leave them a neutral ? you could have just said that you didn't receive the item, and left it at that but not really harmed their feedback.