Xbox 360 Left 4 Dead Survival Expansion


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Downloaded this when I woke up today. It's incredible, I love the new survival mode. They also added the versus mode for Death Toll and Dead Air, which I'm really pumped about.

I was playing on Death Toll in versus, and I got onto the steeple of the Church xD

I dove down and incapacitated someone without scratching them once.

So, any thoughts on the expansion?


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Oh gods, pleaseletitbefreepleaseletitbefreepleaseletitbefree!!!

If it's free I'm going to download it right now. I have to get on my xbox and check NAO. :spin:


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Free for all.

Now hopefully Valve can work out a deal with MS regarding making DLC for Team Fortress 2 on Xbox free, because damnit, I want my tasty sammich!


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Well, I got it, and it's pretty damn fun. Hard, but fun :p

I think I prefer the versus on the extra maps to the Survival mode though.


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Survival is the new mode they've made. Basically you just have to survive for as long as possible against as many zombies, Tanks, and other Special Infected as the game can throw at you.

If and Kay you come online you could play it with me. You have to download it though, it's in big writing on the main menu - say's something like "Get Survival Pack" and you click it to download it. It's pretty good and totally free. :D


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For sure.

The Left 4 Dead thread needs reviving. LOL.

But you should definitely get the expansion, it rocks. I still think the best bit is being able to play Versus on the other two maps. Plus there is an extra map especially for the Survival mode, but you can play on the ordinary maps it seems.

It's funny though, I'd have expected there to be bonus achievements, like when they made the Gears of War 2 expansion it came with extra achievements. :headscratch: