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~LED Throwie~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I guess you are all wondering what ell i'm talking abought.:confused:
Well it's quite simple. Just watch..
And this is how you make them.

These are so much fun to play with..If you have cats they make good catfishing toys!
You can use thesese on anything you can think of..Great for Halloween!
I will be posting some of the stuff we (Me and Twilightdawn) have been up to with these..
They are just too much fun....

If you want to give these a whirl go to where else? eBay!!! The LEDs are chearer on there and so are the batts..That's where we got our stuff, enough to make 100 for 36.00 total..So have fun with this..
We did...And still are..:D


Secret Agent
Staff member
WHOA! That is VERY cool!

Do you have some of those yourself? I might have to try making some if I can find everything I need. That is awesome.

The people driving by sure seem to slow down for the show! :)

Thanks for the link. Will definitely have to try this next time I am bored.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all..These are alot of fun to play with!! And yes depending on where you play with them the cops can concider it graffiti.. So Be careful..

If you tie one to a long peice of string they make great cat toys
we call it Cat fishing!

And for all you closet ravers they work better than Glow sticks..

I'll have to post a few vids we made useing them..But you will have to wait for those..I'm still editing them...

If you haven't watched the vids you might want to..The Hot vid is the best explnation out there on hot to make them..

Have fun! We did!


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Here is another fun thing you can make with LED's and a LOT of spare time and patience..


It looks pretty cool based on the video. I'm still not positive how it works entirely though.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh now that's cool! I'm gonna have to try it! I got the parts and the time to try :D .
I can't belive I didn't think of that. The way it work is by makeing the LEDs act like a high powered strobe light. The water is a dye, you can use other colors or bleach.
I'll post some pics when I get mine put togeather.

Thanks for the new prodject Andrew!:D