Lebron James



C+C please not too happy wit this 1 because of the text and the busyniss






Sultan of Swat
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They're all good, I especially like the 1 and 2 better, the background are awesome and the font are really good, except for the third one, I think the font in the third sig looks horrible, but other then that I like them.


its kinda too bright for my taste, and BG is really busy, fix those first then get back on the text, 2nd one looks good just dont put wierd gradients on the text, it looks fruity, and fix the border... cut down on the contrast or color dodge..


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Are there any sports pics out there to choose from? It makes me doubt that ppl actually take alot of pic really >>;

But I on to the point. I like the first one best out of them all, it is the most organized and though't of while the rest are too bright and blurry. I say u should of choosen a different set of colors, I think the Lebron pic could of stood out way better if u did.