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Leblanc cut day 1. END OF THE WORLD!


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Following yesterdays game a handful of young habs prospects were cut and sent back to their respective junior teams, or the Hamilton Bulldogs. The biggest suprise? Louis Leblanc.

After what many would consider a solid to strong performance in his only pre-season game vs Boston Louis was cut and sent to Hamilton.

What was to follow? Habs fans on twitter blowing up about how he is a bust and the counter argument of how it's a test by Canadiens management.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

My thoughts:

I thought with Gionta and Parros possibly missing the beginning of the season, Leblanc could make a strong case to play opening night. Even with the Collberg rumors and Thomas scrimmiging with Plekanec and Bourque.

Why was Leblanc cut? St.Pierre, Tarnasky and Blunden weren't? It is actually pretty clear in my opinion.

The spots on the opening night roster up for grabs are simple, second line right wing. The coaching staff sees more opportunity in Thomas and Collberg to fill that role rather than Leblanc. Gionta will most likely not be out more then the nine game trial Collberg could get and Thomas is more suited for second line whereas Leblanc for third. Unfortunately for Leblanc the third line is set with Galchy-Eller-Gally.

What if neither Thomas or Collberg impress enough? Well that spot goes straight to Prust.

Therfore with Parros missing due to injury there is a fourth line spot for Tanarsky or Blunden. Blunden could also be kept as a serviceable 13th forward until Gionta and Parros are healthy.

What about St.Pierre? He is going to the Dogs. If I were a coach however I would not cut him. McCarron (future NHL) and Bournival (could have lots of time this year) enjoyed a strong game playing with St.Pierre. They had fun and success playing together. St.Pierre will get another game with them for them all to develope before they most likely all get sent down.

Leblanc should take this to heart, he really should. He has to work his tail off this year and lead the bulldogs. He could be a servicable 3rd line two way threat in the NHL and he has to show montreal management that he is ready to do that this year.


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Although Leblanc was cut, the fact that Blunden, Tarnasky, St-Pierre, Dumont are still here have less to do with the fact that there is a RW spot potentially open but more to do with the fact that unless they remain with the team or are traded, all of these guys need to go through waivers before being sent down whereas Leblanc did not.

Nobody expects St-Pierre or Dumont to make the team at this point but Bergevin and Therrien need to be absolutely sure before losing them for nothing. Expect them, to be part of the last cuts before the season opens should the team be healthy but in the meantime they are insurance policies should an injury arise.


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Over reacting to Leblanc 101.

Okay guys, I agree, Leblanc was cut sooner than we thought. Is that a reason to go on a rant and say he will never have a career with the Habs? No. I think what we are assisting to is a kind of Pacioretty situation. If Leblanc works hard in Hamilton and shows he wants this, pretty sure he still has a chance. We all know what Bergevin thinks about trading rookies! If Leblanc does not show up in Hamilton as a leader and show that he wants to stay in the organization, then maybe he will be traded. For now, his agent said that Louis wants to concentrate because he thinks what matters is where he will be at the end of this season. Maybe some of you think that with his girlfriend's comments on twitter this morning* it will change things but I honestly don't think she has an impact on Canadiens' management. I am willing to leave Louis another chance because he was injured last year an had a LOT of pressure for montreal fans. He showed up at camp more confident and strong than before, and I'm pretty sure the Habs cut him off to see how he will react. Let me know what you all think, stay nice :)

* Wozniak's tweet talking about her boyfriend Louis Leblanc : He did everything the CH told him to do and what...got cut this early?! Oh & the reason..worst excuse ever!! This is wrong!

The tweet was later deleted.


The return shall be legenday!
The only way Leblanc makes the Habs is if he gains 20 lbs of muscles. He gets pushed off the puck way too often which makes him pretty useless during his shifts. Unfortunately I don't see it happening. He's going to eventually end up with another team, and he can only hope to have a Kyle Chiphura type of nhl career. The worse thing that could've happened to him was get selected by the Canadiens..especially in the first round.
There has been a lot of talk about how his attitude has been so bad since the day he was drafted. Coach Therrien acknowledged the fact that he came in to the training camp with a much better attitude than in the previous years and worked very hard but reading between the lines, it is clear to me that the new regime doesn't want anything to do with Louis Leblanc. If not, why did they cut him on Monday, as he had a somewhat solid game against Boston? I don't wanna say that it's because he was a choice from the old Gainey regime but we all know how it is when new management comes in.

My best guess is that at the earliest, he's gonna be traded prior to season debut. If not, he's gonna play somewhere on the 3rd line in Hamilton and things won't pretty much change. It sucks because he's a Quebecer and he'd deserve some support but that's the nature of the sport...