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And i dont give a shit if yalldont miss me, if i wasnt here, the Whose Better Game wouldnt exist, if i wasnt here, you guys wouldnt have anything to post in the music section and a couple months before, the Sports section, and and Merc, add me to ur Wall of Shame, I dont give a damn, I dare u, you guys wont be successful if u hold grudges against everybody for no reason, even vince offended me, i will come back some day later, so enjoy ur days without me, if u dont need me, its all good, peace


Gayyyy..... thought you guys were just messing around, dont leave man, just come back with another name or something haha
but really, I hate to see members go, especially active ones


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OMG Veloci-T you say we hold grudges what are you doing right now? Listen like I keep telling everyone who gets offended by another member "you can't get along with eveyone, you'll have your arguments, you just got to solve them on your own time and stop cherping in FC messages". Obviously your old enough to make your own decisions but if you would re-consider this and give yourself time to cool down and stay, it would be great. If not we've enjoyed you as a member here and goodluck with everything.
Ok so is it the trend that once I come back everyone leaves. man I didn't know I smelled that badly.

No but seriously, just talk this crap out man, no reason to leave just beacuse of what someone says over a message board. You dealt it to Pugz as much as she dealt it to you. now as far as everyone else I didn't really pay attention, but anyways if you're leaving then take care, about all I can say. Peace.