least favorite way to die


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i got the idea from a thread thats doing the exact opposite...

so whats you least favorable way to die?

mine would have to either be falling dead into a necrofelaic gay guys' arms (not that i have nething aginst gay people... my asshole just likes bn a virgin) or being squished


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Drowning. Suffocation. You can feel the life being sucked out of you, and you can't breathe it back.
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Yeah definately drowning, or skydiving (which I wanna do someday) and the chute not opening...supposed to be havin a time!


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Sorry Lithium, but dying in your sleep is a great way to die in my opinion.

There's so many things you can choose in this thread. But I have to go with drowning, just thinking about it gives me the willies. Suffocation is another one that I would try to avoid.