Least favorite high school and college classes


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In high school my least favorite classes were Biology. The teacher was a jerk and he made things boring.

In college my least favorite classes were Introduction to Geology and an anthropology course called Cultures of the World. The geology teacher was strict but she would go crazy in class over certain rocks. The cultures of the world teacher was ditsy and she used to show us a lot of boring documentaries.
My least favourite were probably the science ones because I didn't really learn anything and the teacher was pretty crappy. I could never really get my head around physics and chemistry.

I also didn't like English Lit classes because I had to travel to a different school for them and I didn't know anyone there. I love English as a subject but in the end I dropped it because it was starting to effect other subjects, took up way too much of my time. So I picked up psychology and I'm so glad for that.
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I couldn't stand math class when I was in High School. One of the reasons is because I stunk when it came to math. Thank god I only had to take three years of math and not four years.


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By far my least favorite class in high school is Spanish, I mean seriously, why force people to take a foreign language?

I never understood the language even though I gave way more effort than everybody else. I missed failing the class by 1% Freshman year while all of my other grades were A's :-/

Myself and this one other kid just really didn't get it, we were horrible at Spanish together.

I hate class material that I can't understand no matter how hard I try. My teacher would always tell me how awesome I was doing even though I knew that she knew that I wasn't going anywhere with Spanish.

The one successful thing that I can account for in Spanish is the fact that I wrote a very dark poem that my teacher loved, we had an assignment to write poetry and I didn't want to have to rhyme in another language so i wrote a secretive message that could either be interpreted as a dark poem or a message to someone saying that they need to get their act together.


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Maths for me because I always struggled with it. I was always worried the teacher would ask me a question that I wouldn't know the answer to and that I'd look like an idiot.
In high school I enjoyed Biology and disliked Afrikaans because the teacher was 40-year old who couldn't act her age, came to class dressed in pink, high heels and insisted being called Tinkerbell.

Every subject in college is fun for me especially Accounting, the satisfaction of balancing the books it worth it.


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I had a class in college called "Contemporary Social Issues" that should have been called "Liberalism is Win". Seriously, nothing against liberals but there were so many bleeding hearts in that class that it was unbearable (and only 2 conservatives so there was no balance). I didn't even talk half the time because I could usually predict the answers.