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Learning to Whistle


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I am sick of not being able to whistle. I haven been doing some searching online for tips and so far I think the best one I found is:

Purse your lips into a tiny O shape, leaving a small opening for air.
Place the tip of your tongue behind your bottom teeth or against your inside bottom gums.
Gently expel air through your mouth.
Adjust your tongue position and the small O opening formed by your lips until you hear a note.
Once you can sound one note, experiment with your tongue position and the strength of your breath to produce different notes.

Tips & Warnings
Try not to blow too hard at first; it's much easier to whistle with a small amount of air.
You may find it easier to produce a strong, pure note if you wet your lips first.
Source: How can I learn how to whistle? - Yahoo! Answers

That seems to make sense, but I'm not getting any whistle sound. Any suggestions or variations of that advice?


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Don't just blow...

If I didn't know how to whistle and saw those directions, I'd just have musicless air too. The tongue should also be curved inside...like trying to say "world" haha. Sorry, I can't explain it better.


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Just purse your lips and whistle, that's the key? You can always try whistling w/ your fingers in the corner of your mouth, I guess.


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I learned to whistle by listening to that "Twisted Nerve" song from Kill Bill (the whistling song the female assassin sings) and mimicked the tones when trying to whistle. Surprisingly enough, I started hearing sounds and then I matched the tones, yay movie teacher :D:D



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I can't whistle...it's a doomed thing for me, I will never be able to whistle.
I have tried many techniques, even with the fingers on the sides of inside my mouth....nope, nadda, nothing works...the only way I can whistle, is if I'm holding a whistle, and I blow....I'm good at blowing :)


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It says in your instructions up there to place your tongue behind your bottom teeth or gums, but I find that when I whistle my tongue is actually behind my top teeth, kinda curved upwards.

Also, when I was a kid, I started off whistling by sucking the air in, rather than blowing it out.


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You can always try whistling w/ your fingers in the corner of your mouth, I guess.
It might sound silly, but I always wanted to whistle really loud as a child as my cousins could whistle like that. I walked every day to a park and practice with exactly that method - fingers in corner of my mouth. And true story, one day it just worked. Now I whistle louder than any of the boys in my family! :lol:
I'm such a tom-boy

Also, when I was a kid, I started off whistling by sucking the air in, rather than blowing it out.
I also started like this. It really does work.

I can't really give any other tips though. It's really hard to explain. If I ever do meet you in person, I bet I could teach you in a few minutes though! ;)
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I agree with CGSA, it's hard to teach someone how to whistle especially over the internet. To me, whistling comes naturally. I've done it for years so every time I attempt it, I'm usually successful. I can also whistle by putting two fingers in my mouth, not as loud as I want too, but still pretty good at it.


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It might be the shapes of peoples mouths. I'm like Impact. I can whistle really loud anytime i want to but my tongue has to be curled up on each side and up behind my upper teeth. It never works with my tongue behind my lower teeth.


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Well....whistling isn't something I find I have to be able to do in life to survive, thank God ~LoL~
If I want someone's attention that bad....I can always yell "Hey You!" *smiles*