Learning Disabilities


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I'm interested to know how children in school cope with their learning disabilities.
Have any of you suffered with any learning disability while at school?
And those of you who have left school already, how are you coping with it outside of school?
hi, i dont personally suffer from any learning difficulties. but i have been in class with a few and my nephew has learning difficulties. so, my views are purely based on what i observed whilst learning together in the same environment.

learning disabilites differ from student to student, and likewise their ways of coping differs too. some rely heavily on the programs and assistance provided by the school and institutions outside school.

whilst there are other students who, display negative and anti-social behaviour because of their learning difficulties. there are issues with getting along with other students, teasing, bullying, and judgement from teachers.

but i believe is that the best thing to do for those with learning diabilities is to view them as for who they are as a person. dont judge them, but rather, help guide and support them. :)


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It's not really a big problem. In school now, there are usually people that are paid to teach you in a different way due to your learning difficulties. To be honest it's easier because you have to be taught in stages.