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Learning a different Language


aka ginger warlock
My sister has recently got married to a very nice man from Nepal, I was fortunate to meet his mother and father, his father speaks basic english his mother none at all and I have been asked to go over to the visit them. As a result I would like to try to learn at least some basic Nepali, nothing as complicated as being able to read and write fluently but enough to get me by. I was rubbish at French in school but I kind of put that down to not actually caring. Has anyone else on here had experience of learning a new language so different to your current? Did you find any good methods for learning a new language that helped the process?


A Darker Knight
My cousins have married people who aren't asian, and while most of them try to learn some basic words here and there, most of them ended up giving up. I think it's really important for good family relations to learn some key words like addressing others and greetings, or at least try to learn them. it shows that you care and want to connect

but i find the best way is to try to memorize some words on your own via internet or spouse and just let others correct you as you go. they can also teach you.


Registered Member
A friend of mine has relatives in Russia and I wanted to learn that last summer. It took almost a whole month to learn the alphabet. It has 32 letters instead of 26 and some of them have strange sounds. Anyway, I do it 3 ways. I have a Russian/English dictionary, I can read Russian now so I check out Russian sites and see how they say things, and I talk to Russian people so I can find out if I'm pronouncing the words right.
I started with simple things like Прибет (hello) and Большое спасибо (Thanks a lot) but now I can even do whole sentences. They're usually very willing to help so it's def worth it. It's fun too.


I've been trying to learn Italian all year now and I'm still terrible. I have lessons either once a week or once a fortnight but I hardly do any study so I'm still pretty bad. I know I could be better if I actually put the time in. I just don't have the determination.