Learn to Back Up


I've never done any computer back up in my life.
I've stored my info in the D:/ archive partition and everytime I reformatted windows, the documents would be there [thank God].

I think I need to have some guides on how to do the back up?
Where to store it?
Where do I find it after I reformat windows?

I could also google about it but I don't have time now ... so I'd like to know if there's any good website that explains it clearly.


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The best way to do a back up is to an external hard drive. On Windows it's easiest to us the built in backup feature. If you have Vista or 7, just click start and type in backup. This will bring up what you want.


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That is what I do I have external hard drive I back up to every day for my laptop and regular PC. Its also fire proof. There are also large enough pen drives now you may save your most important data on to.