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Leafs- Atlantic's worst?


Registered Member
Could the Leafs be the worst team in the Atlantic? A lot of things show that, they very well be the lowest rank team at the end of next season in the Atlantic Division. Here are a few reasons that support my hypothesis.

1. Everyone in the division, got better: Okay maybe not the Bruins, sending their star defenseman Dougie Hamilton to The flames, their power forward Milan Lucic to LA and giving up on Reilly Smith and acquiring Jimmy Hayes. But they still have some good pieces in their organization.

-Montreal: acquired Semin, Kassian and resigned key players like Petry and Galchenyuk.
-Tampa Bay: Even though they haven't made much moves, the lightning still have roughly the same team they went to the finals with, and it is not that bad.
-Detroit: The Wings added Brad Richards and Mike Green to their already decent team, making them considerably better.
-Ottawa: The senators resigned their own players and still look to be the same, better than the leafs.
-Florida: The panthers acquired Reilly Smith, resigned Jagr and have a great core intact.
-Buffalo: Just forget about them, they did everything. Acquiring Evande kane and Bogosian in season, getting Lehner and acquiring O'Reilly, they have been very active.
Toronto: Well, they did not really. they shipped their star winger to Pittsburgh in Phil Kessel. They did sign Matthias and Winnik, but not really core players. Not enough to seem better then the rest.

2. Everyone is looking up and the leafs, looking down. With the words Pain and suffering, it does not seem the word playoffs come near. The leafs just started rebuilding while the other teams have been in the stage or are competing for the cup. while the leafs started the marathon, the others are a few miles ahead. especially Montreal and Tampa bay.

3. No one knows what to really expect. Like, have 0 idea whats going to happen or how long this will take. The leafs could be seeing the bottom of the sea, for a while.

4. They are not building a core, they are shipping it out of town. First it was franson at the Deadline, now Kessel. How long before Bozak, Lupul and Phaneuf? they are getting rid of all their good players, which means a lot of young players will fill the voids next season

If the Leafs want to see a brighter future, they'll need to look roughly 3-6 years down the line, that is how long i see them rebuilding. for real, completely rebuilding. Its just, for the 2015-2016 season, they will be looking down instead of up/


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think the Bruins may be the worst team in the division. The Maple Leafs still have some good talent, they will score a lot of goals, even without Kessel and I truly believe Bernier can become better.

The thing that is going to hurt them a lot is their defence. Rielly will have a great season, IMO, but other than that, they don't really have much. Phaneuf will keep declining, Gardiner will keep under-performing, and that's pretty much it.

They also have the best coach in the NHL which should help in some form.


Registered Member
The Leafs might have more talent on paper than the Bruins but I'm not seeing some distractions in the Bruins locker room right now, as opposed to the Leafs. Sure, they got rid of Kessel and sent him to Pittsburgh but you still have Lupul & Phaneuf, who can be quite the distraction and it's gonna be worse if they underachieve the way they did last year. Mike Babcock is the best coach in the league, no doubt about it, but he can only do as much as he can. Phaneuf is IMO the most overrated player in the league and it's not with him that the Leafs will regain any credibility and playoff hopes.

And I'm not even talking about the goalies situation. They're gonna need miracles from both Reimer & Bernier to even think about the playoffs.
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